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Customs strengthen on controlling medicine and cosmetics

Customs strengthen on controlling medicine and cosmetics

That is one of the requirements of the General Department of Vietnam Customs for their units in the process of implementing Directive 17 / CT-TTG dated 19/6/2018 on strengthening the fight against smuggling and trade fraud; production and trading of fake goods, low-quality goods in the group of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, supplementary foods, medicinal herbs and Chinese medicines.

Accordingly, in the export and import activities, the Customs forces in compliance with the law, especially the shipments in accordance with regulations, must ensure specialized inspection conditions according to new standards for customs clearance.

At the same time, strictly handle acts of smuggling, trade frauds, counterfeit goods, poor quality goods and those of unknown origin.

Previously, the General Department of Vietnam Customs strictly implemented the document No.90/CD-BCĐ of the National Steering Committee 389 and discovered and settled many large-scale violations with high value of goods.

As a result, in 2 years (from 15/4/2015 to 15/4/2017), the Customs forces chaired and coordinated to discover 259 cases of violations/159 smugglers and illegal transportation, imported goods that are western medicines, supplementary foods, cosmetics; seized infringing goods of more than 47 billion VND; remitted to the state budget more than 7 billion VND; prosecuted 3 cases/3 subjects.

Source: Customs News

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