Customs sector continues to support the business community


The Customs sector continues to reform Customs procedures, create the most favorable conditions for individuals, organizations and enterprises in carrying out Customs procedures and fulfilling the import and export duty obligation in accordance with the law and import and export activities; ensure business equality rights in accessing resources and business opportunities of enterprises.

Updated on : 30-07-2018

Customs sector continues to support the business community

The General Department of Vietnam Customs issued Decision 2055/QD-TCHQ dated 16th July 2018, requesting Customs units to continuously coordinate and urge ministries and sectors to deploy the expansion of the National Single Window, ASEAN Single Window, in which adding 130 new procedures handled via National Single Window in 2018.

Coordinating with the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Public Security and other ministries and sectors to develop and apply information technology systems for the National Single Window and ASEAN Single Window, ensuring the connection, security and safety of information and database.

Implementing the investment plan for the Reserve system for National Single Window. Leading and coordinating with the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Transport and relevant units to deploy the Aviation National Single Window in accordance with the Prime Minister’s Decision 43/2017/QD-TTg dated 26th September 2017. Charge and fee collection are to be electronically implemented for administrative procedures deployed via National Single Window.

For the specialized inspection, the Customs will actively coordinate with ministries and sectors to amend and supplement legal normative documents on specialized inspection for import and export goods. In which, collaborating with specialized management ministries to amend and supplement documents regulating on specialized inspection for import and export goods. Developing and promulgating fully the list of goods subject to reduction of specialized inspections and specifying HS codes; Issuing national technical standards applicable to goods subject to specialized inspection, which are the basis for goods quality inspection.

Promoting and encouraging the conformity assessment organization to implement the specialized inspection for import and export goods in the direction of socialization to add the inspection establishments to meet the requirements for development of imports and exports, and save the State investment resources.

Improving the method of specialized inspection towards applying risk management, strengthening the post-clearance audit, creating favorable conditions for import and export activities, reducing costs and shortening goods clearance time.

Summarizing and providing the list of goods subject to specialized inspection by relevant ministries and sectors. On that basis, proposing to reduce the list of commodities subject to specialized inspection. Especially, coordinating with ministries and sectors in reviewing to reduce at least 50% of commodities subject to specialized inspection in each sector in 2018.

In addition, assessing effectively the operation of specialized inspection sites at the borders. On that basis, proposing the maintenance, investment and expansion of sites that effectively operate, and abolishing sites that ineffectively operate. The General Department of Vietnam Customs (the Customs Department of Goods Verification) has urgently developed the scheme of the Prime Minister on the pilot specialized inspection for some commodities at the Customs office.

The Customs shall have to assign staff and equip facilities to implement the inspection on food quality, hygiene and safety for goods subject to specialized inspection in Customs clearance and assess the risk level and capacity of the Customs authority.

The General Department of Customs said that it would strengthen the inspection and control; drastically implement Customs inspection methods to effectively prevent smuggling and illegal transport of goods across border gates. Assigning staff and coordinate with competent agencies such as market Management, Border Guard, Police and local governments to exchange information to detect and arrest and handle violations.

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